Activités 2007

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November 2-3, Monaco

Towards a new framework for interpreting the events of the world The Collegium’s Media Plarform is a project of establishing an umbrella website arround its White Book, through which the Collegium will share its undertakings in association with other similar organizations, thinktanks, press and media. Affilitation with major international press corporations and TV-Media groups is currently underway, insuring advertisement of the site to the world audience. The Media Platform Project will act as a forum for constantly streaming media, giving in-depth analysis to pressing and complex issues. Guiding the topics of this site, the Collegium intends to generate both discussions and solutions through workshops with other like-minded major international organizations in a form of Think-Link.

Further, the Collegium’s preoccupation is the reinforcement of its organizational structure.

September 28-29, Paris

Complexity & Politics a Conference organized by Collegium International and Complex Systems Society

The Collegium inception period resulted in a number of written contributions by members, used as starting points for reflection and discussion, of which some were published in specialized publications. Three main policy documents are the core of this period of activity: The Appeal for the Collegium, the Statement on Interdependence and the Memorandum on the Role of the United Nations. Membership was increased and invigorated by regular communication and meetings with signatories and with established national and international institutions, in particular with the United Nations. The Collegium has established and maintains effective contacts with a number of UN Agencies and other intergovernmental organizations, various national governments, academic institutions, worldwide and regional civil society organizations, and independent specialists. Attention has been given to awakening the interest of the international press and media regarding the International Collegium’s actions and thus reach public opinion.

The above were the priorities during the initial development period, aimed at anchoring the Collegium in the minds of institutions and individuals.

At present, the Collegium is faced with the task of establishing The Collegium’s White Book project narrowing the focus of its activity . Foremost, this includes four preparatory working sessions.

Science and Politics: Facing the looming disaster

March 16–17, Geneva

Collegium participation at FIFDH: The Collegium International was invited to participate at the Festival and Forum on Human Rights Festival du film et forum international sur les Droits Humains.

First Session : Film “Speaking Out: Harry Belafonte” followed by a debate on Human Rights in the USA. Festival catalog pdf page.
Second Session : Film “When the levees broke” by Spike Lee, followed by a debate on Human Rights and challenges to democracy in the USA. Festival catalog pdf page.

Third Session : The role of economic, social and cultural rights. Festival catalog pdf page.

FaLang translation system by Faboba



Sur le Collegium International, lors de sa création :

We Need a New Sense of Shared Ethics by Flora Lewis